FM Williams Walk a huge success.

Our 1st FM Walk for Williams is over and we raised just over $11,000 dollars, had around 200 people in attendance and made it through our walk although the rain showed us no mercy.

It was a great day for all of the families and we all enjoyed the music from Mark Proulx. A special thank you to our sponsors, friends and family that helped make the day possible!

To learn more about Williams syndrome or contribute to this cause, please visit:

…that makes me a mom

I woke up to a blessed “Hi!” from C-Man on this rainy Mothers Day. 6:30 a.m., like clockwork. Daddy brought him downstairs for breakfast and I lingered in bed, since I figured I could get away with that at 6:30 a.m. on Mothers Day. But I didn’t go back to sleep, because I never do… I might miss out on something. There are so many somethings that make my job as a mom the most enjoyable job I could ever be blessed with.

It’s far too often you read the newspaper and read about a mom senselessly throwing their mothering job to the wind. Whether it be an act of homicide or the easily overlooked neglect. Let’s not forget the verbal abuse that scar and change a tiny person forever. We’re told to always look with suspicious eyes for signs of abuse, because typically by the time a child is to be released from such pain, the damage has been done. A part of them taken forever.

I take my momma job serious. But not too serious, because their are times I need to talk like Elmo and be a human horsey. C-Man can neigh much better than me though. I have but one little person in my care. He is thoughtful, energetic, loving and sweet. His pure heart is admirable. He is what makes me a mom.

Have you ever thought about the makings of a mom?

I went to church with my family and my mom today. They had us stand up, they gave us Gerber Daisy’s and they applauded our hard work and efforts. This was all very nice, but that’s not what makes me a mom.

Big ouchies and tears in abundance, those come to me quickly moments… that makes me a mom.

Throwing up and puke in my hair, hugs regardless without a care… that makes me a mom.

Bad dreams in the night, a face full of fright, sweet little rocking and a slight shhh shhh… that makes me a mom.

Enjoying an Elmo movie on a Saturday night instead of the latest bar opening… that makes me a mom.

Putting his needs before mine… that makes me a mom.

Building his confidence, repairing misgivings… that makes me a mom.

I’m not the prettiest mom, or the most stylish. I drive a wagon, because it’s the most functional for us, not because it’s my dream car. Sometimes, I go too long between haircuts and I don’t work out as much as I should. But, I’m proud to be who I am and the mom to my sweet little boy. The struggles we face in life, we take in stride with daddy’s hand in ours. Learning attitude is the most important thing. Things can happen to us, or things can just happen… Everyday is a good day if you want it to be.

I love my job as mommy to Carter. Lord, Thank You for giving me this beautiful and blessed job. Amen.

why is fruit so slimy?

You know that sound you make when you’re really frustrated…that cross between a scream and a growl, but still you stay with in the limits of what is considered appropriate so you don’t scare the people around you or give your neighbors something to talk about. I find I do that a bit more lately. The frustration lying mostly within the realm of putting food in C-Man’s tummy.

Now, C-Man started with breastmilk for the first 15-18 mo. of his life. We introduced 1st foods and cereal around 6 mo. just to fail with his strong texture difficulties. Tried again and again and by the time he did start eating it, he only liked the orange foods. Sqaush, sweet potatoes and carrots. He was a very orange boy for a many a months. Problem is he’s still eatin the orange. Don’t get me wrong he will eat some foods of course, but I cannot get anything healthy in him, it seems unless it’s pureed. He still loves the baby food, mixed with apple sauce (and we’re lucky he finally accepted the texture in apple sauce). I know he’ll get there in his own time, but every time it’s time to feed him I get frustrated and would really like to let out another (ahhhh). I don’t care how many Speech Therapies and Occuapational Therapies I sit through with him and “learn” what to do and how to get them in him… he won’t let me do what they do. I’m mom – this is my free time, not work time like therapy.

Maybe I just need to accept that he eats the breads/crackers, just the healthy food needs to be pureed. I don’t even mind that I can’t split open a package of pasta pickups and microwave on high for 20 seconds, dump and feed. I’m okay with that… I’m alright with the expensive attemtps at whatever we think he might possibly eat. I’m even okay with the fact of finding foods like yogurt that is healthy, but he can’t eat much of because of his hypercalcimia problems. (ahhh) Sometimes, I dread the kitchen in thoughts of feeding.

I pick him up from daycare and she says “He ate a whole bunch of taco meat today.” Wahhh….Who did? Not my son. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe her, but why can no such thing happen here. Is it only because he sees his peers eating it? Must I borrow some kids?

Maybe it’s just time to accept that it’s okay for someone to obtain their nutrition from pureed foods, because let’s face it… he already eats at the pace of a turtle, so to attempt one meal (that took 45-an hour already) then do another meal. He goes from getting home, to eating, to eating his second meal because his first one didn’t go down, to the tub, to bed.

I guess I should be thankful we’re not on a feeding tube, it can always be worse than what you have it. I just hope he finds the textures in meat, fruit and vegetables to be something he can muster someday. He’s a smart boy and growing strong everyday, thank goodness for his calcilo formula and his special vitamin c, veggie and fruit vitamins. Until that appetite for good whole foods comes, I guess I crush em into his food and hide it like the sneaky momma I have to be!

Here’s a picture of Carter dying Easter eggs – Carter says, “I dye the eggies, but I no eat the eggies!” (Ahh)